Thursday, January 06, 2005

faith renewed

Last night Jason's cellphone nearly got lost. We were on our way back to the apartment from dinner at Likha Diwa, and when we got there he started fumbling for his cellphone. We decided to retrace our steps, going back all the way to the restaurant and checking if we left it, and finally asked around the tricycle terminal hoping that the drivers found it somehow.

I have lost around 2 cellfones in my lifetime to become jaded and cynical about people. It was quite a feat for me to ask around for help, knowing in the back of my mind that people i ask help from would probably not give a damn. But the people i thought would be uncooperative in getting our cellfone back were the very ones who rallied around us, helping us out by giving us information on who the driver was, even offering to bring us to him for free. when i decided to call the cellfone, it was ringing but then it got turned off. Then, somebody answered. It was the driver of the tryke we got into. He was so nice and came back to the terminal as soon as he finished eating to return the cellfone back to us.

It was both a good surprise and a slap to my face when we finally got the phone back. Stupid me for judging and for jumping immediately to thinking that all people were bad. There is STILL some good in this world. My faith was renewed somehow, that things today aren't so bad, that people can still make a difference.

Perhaps last night was my sign from God that things are gonna be all right.

*To kuya Horly and the green tyke drivers of KnL, salamat!

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TheOlderWaiter said...

hi. thanks for the compliment in my blog.

yeah, as much as i hate to admit it sometimes when i'm on cynical mode, there is good in the world and in people, and i'd say that as of now it holds sway over the bad. hopefully it stays that way, though the way things are going it doesn't look good.

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